Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keeping up with the Joneses baby

I never have been a trend setter. I don't worry about the latest thing to do or see or drive or wear. I just dont care about impressing other people - I have a hard enough time impressing myself. However - now my actions reflect on my daughter and I suddenly feel the need to step it up a notch. The thing is I dont know how much more I can do ! I already drive a late model car, I am well educated with a good job as a professional, own a home... all of that. One thing makes me feel 'less than' - well.... several things actually.....quite a few several things...... pounds ! Oh - dont forget those nagging little things called years too. Yea - sigh - not only am I about 35 pounds different from these ladies with babies - but I've got about 10 years on them too. sigh again. The pounds I can work on - but the years - I'm stuck with them. So - be sure to consider this, girls, when you're thinking you've got lots of time to have that family.

I do have 1 comfort though - I have a VERY beautiful little girl - and I am not just saying this - and I do get a secret glee out of thinking that they are all saying to themselves that I must have something going for me - even if it is only my genes !

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